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Applied neuroscience to increase busines

With exceptional handpicked network of consultants, coaches and neuroscientists, we deliver exceptional services across our 3 pillars:


Who are we?

Sparkling Performance is a unique boutique consultancy firm and business well-being center, offering neuroscience-based solutions to organizations and individuals to achieve peak performance and wellbeing during times of change and uncertainty.

Consulting, thinking partner, training, coaching, master classes and brain workouts solutions

Why us?

We provide a factual, innovative and measurable approach to change by regulating the brain's sweet spots and making the neurobiology work for you. 

We apply a wide range of techniques, tools and technology so individuals can physically change the brain and mindset to facilitate change at personal and organisational level.


Achieve high performance - balance wellbeing 


We follow and humanistic and scientific approach.

Tibisay Vera.jpg

My motto in life is to enjoy what you are doing, have fun, experience it, change it and take risks for new challenges. 

I run my life and business as my kids taught me: playing, having fun, trusting, following the leaders but being a rebel at the same time, modelling for success, learning, being 100% present, falling, crying, smiling and being ready for the next adventure.

Tibisay Vera, FInstLM, MSc, MBA



Our Consultants and Collaborations

Our Partnerships


APMG International is a trademark of The APM Group Limited. All rights reserved.’ APM is a global leader for best practise solutions. APM Group best practise certification schemes are used by 80% of the FTSE 100 and over a third of the Fortune 500 and S&P 500, and are proven to deliver better outcomes. 

Sparkling Performance has partnered with APMG International and the APM Group to create a certification in “ Neuroscience for Change”. Sparkling Performance is the Co-Owner of the scheme based on the renowned PEPE© model, the world first neuroscience base solution to facilitate change, engagement and wellbeing during times of change. PEPE© model was created by our founder and neuroscientist Tibisay Vera.

We offer face to face and online training solutions to get certified by APMG international as well as train the trainer to get accredited to deliver the Certification in  “Neuroscience for Change”.

Contact us for further details about how to become accredited to deliver “Neuroscience for Change” certification or if you are an organisation or an individual who would like to be certified.

PRISM Brain mapping logo1.png

PRISM Brain Mapping is an innovative tool based on neuroscience, which help to identify people's behaviour and preferences based on brain activity.

Sparkling Performance ™ has partnered with PRISM Brain Mapping and The centre for Applied Neuroscience to distribute PRISM and its applications to Spain, South America and the Spanish speaking world.


Sparkling Performance is also a PRISM certified and practitioner and provides PRISM brain mapping workshops and consulting services using across UK and Europe. We are looking to start growing a network of PRISM Certified Practitioners in Latin America and Spain. We offer online and face-to-face certification courses to become a practitioner. 


Contact us for further details about how to become a practitioner and 
Call us + 44 203 504 0027 to learn more about how PRISM Brain mapping can help you to raise self-awareness and to improve performance and wellbeing.


Sparkling Performance ™ has partnered with the International Academy of Neuroscience and Education to launch the academy in the UK. Tibisay Vera, the founder of Sparkling Performance was appointed UK Director of the Academy. 

ANE is becoming one of the most important international bodies that guarantee the spread of neuroscience in the most serious way ensuring the highest standards in the currently unregulated area of neuroscience. It counts with the support of neuroscientists of the caliber of Nobel Prize  Prof. Erick Kandel and prestigious scientist Gerhard Roth as part of the advice board of the academy foundation, afnb    


Sparkling Performance ™ has partnered with Super Able Mind to practically deliver a humanistic and scientific approach for peak performance and brain optimization. Superablemind is the toolbox that bridges the gap between science and practice. We have seen an increase in energy levels amongst our corporate clients as well as focus, inter-workplace collaboration and communication. 

Tibisay Vera, founder of Sparkling Performance and clinical neuroscientist, has been appointed as the corporate head of SAM and we at Sparkling Performance are now using the toolbox to promote brain changes and neuroplasticity.

Memberships & Accreditation

Our founder, Tibisay Vera is a Member of the British Neuroscience Association (BNA), Federation of European Neuroscience Societies (FENS), Association of Coaching (AC) and member fellow of the Institute of leadership and Management (ILM).
She is also the Director in the UK of the International Academy of Neuroscience and Education (ANE).

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